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Six Ways to Improve the Perception of HR

Let’s face it: the Human Resources (HR) departments in some organizations aren’t viewed as significant contributors of organizational value. Often, employees and CEO’s/Presidents see the HR team as transactional,...

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Importance of a Business Continuity Plan — Top 5 Best Practices

Would your employees know what to do in the event your business was disrupted for several hours or even days? Weather events and other natural disasters pose real threats, and the increased adoption of online...

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Top 5 Business Risks for 2018 (And What to Do About Them)

The economy is on the upswing and things are looking up for many industries and organizations, but with increased opportunities come increased risks. Companies big and small are faced with new challenges as...

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What You Need to Know About Business Insurance and Reducing Liability Risks

Every company, no matter if it has one employee or thousands, faces many different types of risk, including operational, reputational, strategic, financial, compliance and other business-related issues. Having a plan...

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What Employers Need to Know about 401(k) Fees and Benchmarking

Every retirement plan has fees – that’s a given. For employers that offer 401(k) packages as part of their employee benefits, it’s their fiduciary responsibility to keep those fees in check. 

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Top 4 Best Practices for Offering Health Benefits and Lowering Premiums

A report from the Kaiser Family Foundation revealed that for employers with fewer than 200 employees, annual group health insurance premiums in 2017 totaled $17,615 for family coverage ($6,486 for single coverage)....

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Need to Reduce Employee Headcount? You Have Options

Have suppliers doubled their material costs? Are revenues down? Maybe you lost a major customer? Despite a robust economy, even the most successful companies can experience occasional periods of unforeseen financial...

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Finding the Right Insurance Coverage for Your Business

Historically, many in the insurance industry offered one-size-fits-all limits and coverages without any real explanations of what factors led to those recommendations. Most business owners just went along for the...

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Spousal Surcharges: Another Technique to Address Rising Health Insurance Costs?

It’s no secret that health insurance premiums keep going up. Last year, the annual increase for employers was over 10% and 2018 is expected to bring even higher rate increases.

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5 Questions Employers Should Never Ask During Job Interviews

It’s not unusual to start off an interview with some pleasantries before diving into the nitty gritty of qualifications, experience and salary expectations. After all, those first impressions are important on both...

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