5 Essential Jet Ski Safety Tips


6538950843_b4f8b5baa4_bRiding a jet ski can be one of the more fun water activities to enjoy in the summer months. Although it can be a fun and enjoyable summer activity, there are many risks and precautions that need to be addressed before hopping on a jet ski. Here are some tips to help you safely enjoy your next Jet Ski experience.

  • You need a life jacket – Wear a life jacket at all times, whether you're the driver or passenger on a jet ski.
  • Don't drink and jet Never operate a jet ski while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This should be obvious, but it's not always the case. Taking a ride after a few beers may seem like a good idea, at the time. But the possibility of injury just isn't worth the risk. The same rules apply while being a passenger. Whether you’re operating the Jet Ski or simply riding as a passenger, intoxication can be a dangerous distraction.
  • Stay alert – Be very aware of others on the water. Not only should you watch for boats and other jet skis, but it is easy to miss inner tubes, skiers, and wake-boarders.
  • Use safety precautions – A common safety precaution that all jet skiers should utilize is establishing a plan in the case that you go overboard while operating the Jet Ski. All modern jet skis are equipped with kill switches that automatically shut the vehicle off when the operator falls off. If you own an older jet ski that is not equipped with a kill switch, you should strongly consider having one installed to avoid having the vehicle operate out of your control and potentially hurt yourself as well as others.
  • Don’t take unnecessary risks So you've noticed a passing motor boat and the waves that it has left behind. Do not try to be the fun guy on the water and use the waves as a ramp or launching point for your jet ski that could potentially harm yourself and your jet ski. Similarly, avoid racing your jet ski or attempting tricky maneuvers.


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