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Recent Posts

10 Practical Employee Wellness Tips for Reducing Healthcare Costs

If there’s one thing employers and employees alike wish they could control, it’s rising healthcare costs. Annual family premiums for employer-sponsored health insurance rose another 5% in 2018. Average workers each...

Topics: HR Services

3 Steps for Conducting an Effective Safety Walkaround

Worker safety continues to be a major focus in the manufacturing industry. Creating a culture of safety has many components, and it all starts with leadership playing a key role in the success of a program.

Topics: Business Insurance

5 Reasons Why Millennials Make Great Employees

Perhaps more than any generation before, Millennials have received a lot of criticism. This first generation to come of age has had many labels attached to it: selfish, entitled, unmotivated, addicted to...

Topics: HR Services

Need to Reduce Employee Headcount? You Have Options

Have suppliers doubled their material costs? Are revenues down? Maybe you lost a major customer? Despite a robust economy, even the most successful companies can experience occasional periods of unforeseen financial...

Topics: HR Services

Best Practices for Creating an Engaging Employee Handbook

Every company has certain policies and legal requirements when it comes to informing employees about their rights and what’s expected of them — from family leave and labor practices to performance and behavior.  Some...

Topics: HR Services

How to Attract the Right Talent — Putting “Human” Back in HR

Nearly every industry is experiencing a labor shortage, from retail floors to manufacturing floors, and finding the right candidates to fill open positions is a greater challenge than most can recall in many years.

Topics: HR Services