Fall Proofing Your Home


Your home may be filled with fall hazards, so take a look around every room. There are easy preventative measures you can take to prevent falls and eliminate hazards.


  • Place a lamp and telephone close to your bed where they are easy to reach.
  • Sleep on a bed that is easy to get in and out of. Arrange clothes in your closet so they are easy to reach.
  • Put in a night-light so you can see where you’re walking after dark.

Living areas

  • Arrange furniture so you have clear pathways. Remove area or throw rugs or use non-slip backing tape so the rugs will not slip.
  • Keep electrical and telephone cords out of walkways.
  • Install light switches at the entrances to rooms so you do not have to walk into a dark room to turn on a light.
  • Remove papers, boxes, books, clothes, shoes and all clutter from pathways. In 2009, 16,900 individuals died due to fall-related injuries in their homes.


  • Place a slip-resistant rug adjacent to the bathtub for safe exit and entry.
  • Use a non-slip rubber mat or non-skid adhesive textured strips on the floor of your tub or shower.
  • Install grab bars for support inside the tub and next to the toilet.
  • Replace glass shower enclosures with non- shattering material.


  • Never stand on chairs or boxes to reach upper cabinets or shelves. If you must use a step stool, use one with a bar to hold on to.
  • Store food, dishes and cooking equipment within easy reach. Move items on high shelves to cabinets, lower shelves or countertops.
  • Immediately clean up any liquids or food spilled on the floor.

Stairs and steps

  • Always keep all objects off stairs.
  • Fix any loose, uneven or broken steps.
  • Provide enough light to see each stair and the top and bottom landings.
  • Make sure all carpeting is firmly attached to every step or remove the carpet and attach non-slip rubber treads.
  • Make sure handrails are on both sides of the stairs and fix them if they become loose.


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