Important Changes to Replant Requirements


Posted by: Suzanne Lois, Agricultural Risk Advisor

For the 2014 crop year going forward, the RMA (Risk Management Agency) has made the following clarifications to replant requirements. It’s important that the rules of replant be followed exactly as stated by the RMA, or a replant payment (if replant payment provisions are applicable to the crop), and indemnity payment associated with the acreage planted can be made.

Listed below is the summary of changes:

1. You must call your agent, so a notice of replant can be made to your crop insurance company of your replanting intentions for all crops, whether or not replant is provided for that crop for your policy.

2. All replants must have prior consent from your crop insurance company before any acres can be replanted regardless of the crop or plan of insurance.

3. Any acres replanted without prior consent from your crop insurance company will not be eligible for replant payment (if replant provisions are applicable to the crop planted).

4. Exceptions will not be made even when the original stand remains intact, because you inter-seeded, replanted alongside the original damaged rows, or left representative areas.

5. If you destroy a crop and replant without consent from your crop insurance company, no replanting payment can be made (if replant provisions are applicable for that crop).

I can’t stress enough that it is important that if you intend to destroy a crop for any reason, including re-plant, you must notify your crop insurance agent, so the proper procedure is followed. RMA is very strict about following the proper procedures when it comes to your crop insurance, this includes but is not limited to: prevent plant, replant, appraisals etc. When in doubt about any procedure when it comes to your crop insurance, please call your crop insurance agent!

We hope everyone has a successful 2014 crop year!