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from the McClone team

What You Need to Know About Medicare and How to Sign Up

If you’re nearing age 65, you’ve no doubt been bombarded with mailers from various insurance companies trying to convince you that their Medicare options are the best. The problem with many of these advertisements is...

Topics: Medicare

Data Breaches vs. Cyber Liability – Are you protected?

The news has been dominated by large corporations such as Macy’s, Delta Airlines and even the MyFitnessPal app experiencing data breaches and cyber incidents in 2018 (and let’s not forget Yahoo, Target, Equifax and...

Topics: Risk Management

8 Employer Tips and Best Practices for Open Enrollment

Open enrollment season is fast approaching, and communicating health coverage options and changes to employees can be difficult, even for seasoned HR professionals. Employees are often confused by various terms and...

Topics: Employee Benefits

11 Questions to Ask if Your Company is Experiencing High Turnover

You’re not alone if you’ve been surprised by employees who’ve walked into your office to let you know they’ve “found another opportunity.” That news is even more difficult to hear when it’s an employee who’s been a...

Topics: Human Resources

Is Level Funded Health Insurance Right for Your Business?

Consumers in the U.S. pay more for healthcare than any other country in the world. Despite efforts by regulators to level the playing field, health insurance premiums have seen steady increases in recent years, and...

Topics: Employee Benefits

Three Reasons Your Cyber Insurance Might Not Protect Your Business

This article was originally published in Fox Cities Chamber Business Magazine.

News of another data breach seems to hit the headlines every week. Rightly so, many business owners look to protect their companies by...

Topics: Business Insurance

Three Ways Companies Can Offer Financial Wellness

When business owners and executives try to improve employee productivity, most look at processes, new equipment, software upgrades and other traditional solutions. Few consider the financial wellbeing of their...

Topics: 401k

What You Might Not Know About Business Interruption Insurance

If your business experiences a fire, your property insurance would be there to help cover the costs of repairing or replacing your building and equipment, assuming you have the right coverage. But what if a...

Topics: Business Insurance

Your Organization’s DART Rate Explained

When I talk with clients about business risk, I inevitably get asked, “What’s this I keep hearing about DART rates? Does it really impact my business? How do I calculate it?”

Understanding your organization’s DART...

Topics: Business Insurance

5 Reasons Why Millennials Make Great Employees

Perhaps more than any generation before, Millennials have received a lot of criticism. This first generation to come of age has had many labels attached to it: selfish, entitled, unmotivated, addicted to...

Topics: HR Services