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from the McClone team

5 Tips for Developing a Successful Return to Work Program

No one likes to see a valued employee get injured on the job or experience an illness. Not only can it put a dent in morale, it can impact productivity when those conditions keep workers from performing their...

Topics: Business Insurance

3 Steps for Conducting an Effective Safety Walkaround

Worker safety continues to be a major focus in the manufacturing industry. Creating a culture of safety has many components, and it all starts with leadership playing a key role in the success of a program.

Topics: Business Insurance

What is a Waiver of Subrogation for Work Comp? Are there Risks?

Businesses are often asked by their customers, general contractors and/or vendors to add a waiver of subrogation to their workers compensation policy. The provisions of this waiver can be confusing, and it can be...

Topics: Business Insurance

Three Reasons Your Cyber Insurance Might Not Protect Your Business

This article was originally published in Fox Cities Chamber Business Magazine.

News of another data breach seems to hit the headlines every week. Rightly so, many business owners look to protect their companies by...

Topics: Business Insurance

What You Might Not Know About Business Interruption Insurance

If your business experiences a fire, your property insurance would be there to help cover the costs of repairing or replacing your building and equipment, assuming you have the right coverage. But what if a...

Topics: Business Insurance

Your Organization’s DART Rate Explained

When I talk with clients about business risk, I inevitably get asked, “What’s this I keep hearing about DART rates? Does it really impact my business? How do I calculate it?”

Understanding your organization’s DART...

Topics: Business Insurance

Importance of a Business Continuity Plan — Top 5 Best Practices

Would your employees know what to do in the event your business was disrupted for several hours or even days? Weather events and other natural disasters pose real threats, and the increased adoption of online...

Topics: Business Insurance

Top 5 Business Risks for 2018 (And What to Do About Them)

The economy is on the upswing and things are looking up for many industries and organizations, but with increased opportunities come increased risks. Companies big and small are faced with new challenges as...

Topics: Business Insurance

What You Need to Know About Business Insurance and Reducing Liability Risks

Every company, no matter if it has one employee or thousands, faces many different types of risk, including operational, reputational, strategic, financial, compliance and other business-related issues. Having a plan...

Topics: Business Insurance

Finding the Right Insurance Coverage for Your Business

Historically, many in the insurance industry offered one-size-fits-all limits and coverages without any real explanations of what factors led to those recommendations. Most business owners just went along for the...

Topics: Business Insurance